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CCTV logistics center closed monitoring project
Maliandao logistics center is located in Xicheng District Maliandao, we implemented a closed-circuit monitoring system of the logistics center, is mainly to monitor the personnel and vehicle access logistics and warehousing situation. Intelligent logistics warehousing and logistics warehousing entry personnel complex, focus on monitoring, important parts of the intelligent warehouse monitoring system such as: the intelligent warehouse: the gate, the main entrance and parking lot; personal safety for 24 hours real-time monitoring. The real-time monitoring information is transmitted to the fire control room, so that the personnel on duty can observe the information of the people and vehicles in time.

  厂1 地址:东莞市长安镇厦岗村第四工业区
厂2 地址:深圳市宝安区沙井街道后亭第三工业区大宏高新科技园6楼
公司总机:0755-89474880 传真:0755-61445381
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